25 Mar 2015

With the goal of sharing the keys to multichannel communication, BCNscience, together with Veeva, organized “Channeling Value”, a workshop experience wrapped in magic.

The session focused on the need for companies to consider standardizing the digital side of medical marketing, integrating it into their communication strategies from the beginning.

The speakers took us through a story along different channels, showing us the potential unlocked by integrating different media and communication channels.

With Josep Alcaraz, we discovered the keys to turn a “classic” appointment into a memorable experience for the client using an iPad, where elegance, multimedia content, interaction and personalization of that content combined to capture the listener’s attention.

How do we immerse the client in the story? Gina Albiol and Magdalena Kurtz gave a fun and laid-back presentation on how digital channels allow us to increase efficiency when interacting with clients, and to more easily obtain key information to outline communication strategies.

At this point, Magdalena Kurtz, along with some experts from Veeva, concluded the session with a practical focus on what we can do to channel messages through multiple available platforms, always with an eye on the key aspects of our communication to ensure that our goals are reached.

During the event, attendees enjoyed a performance by the great illusionist Mag Lari, whose staging full of lights and sound turned the event into something magical.

Communication is magic. Thank you, and welcome to the experience.